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We love sitting. Weird right?

Our Story

The Anthros team is full of seating experts, in the form of inventors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, bio mechanists, and posture authorities. Anthros has a combined 70+ years of previous experience working with the most complex seating cases, mainly those sitting in wheelchairs. Working with wheelchair users provided us with a unique approach and advanced seating knowledge. We have spent years developing and designing the most cutting-edge seating solutions, and now we are bringing our latest design to the world in the form of an office chair.

Meet the team


Steven DuFresne

CEO, inventor, & founder

CEO, inventor, & founder

Steven’s passion and expertise resides in innovating in the space of biomechanical sitting principles that aid individuals with long-term sitting needs. Through his designs he gives users the ability to remain safe and comfortable while sitting upwards of 12 continuous hours. Steve has developed an expertise in Intellectual property resulting in the acquisition of 15 patents and developed unique and innovative products. His ultimate life goal is to give the world a better/safer way to sit while giving back to those less fortunate.


Eric Murphy

CMO & founder

CMO & founder

Eric has spent nearly 20 years as an executive level Marketer, working in healthcare to promote and sell seating products to the most complex "sitters" in the world (wheelchair users).  Now Eric's efforts turn to the general population and finally demonstrating that office chairs don't have to be uncomfortable and cause pain “I believe people deserve innovative products that allow them to function at the highest level possible without pain.”


Stacey Mullis, OTR/L, ATP, NPI-CPS

Director of Education & Clinical Marketing

Director of Education & Clinical Marketing

As an occupational therapist for 25 years, assistive technology professional, and certified posture specialist, Stacey has a unique combination of seating clinical expertise with sales and marketing acumen. Her relentless commitment to educating the customer to maximize performance and prevent pain, drives her to develop and deliver world-class educational content. Stacey has presented at national and international symposiums (ISS/ESS) and conferences.


Dr. Ashley Williams, PT, DPT, ATP/SMS, CASp

Director of Clinical Sales

Director of Clinical Sales

Dr. Ashley Williams is a Seating Specialist and Chair Assessment Specialist who has presented internationally at the most prestigious seating symposiums. Educating the world on seating is her passion as she has also taught graduate courses at The University of North Carolina, NOVA University and The University of South Florida. Reducing pain for those individuals she serves as always been a focus as her doctorate dissertation aimed at evaluating objective data to measure and reduce low back pain.


Kate Murphy - Kate’s Clean Life

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

As a Kinesiologist, chronic pain expert, health and wellness guru, certified Foundation Training instructor, and personal trainer with over 15 years’ experience, Kate was an invaluable part of the design process and bringing Anthros to life!  Her firsthand experience with chronic pain, combined with years of experience helping others with theirs, has made her the perfect complement to the already powerful team of Anthros seating experts.
“If you suffer from chronic pain, I believe that you can enjoy a beautiful life on the other side. Now, there’s finally a chair that can assist in this healing process and be part of the solution, instead of the main problem.”

What we do

The word “Ergonomic” is the most overused word related to sitting. What does Ergonomics really mean? According to Google, it is “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.” But what does this have to do with posture and the human body? Nothing really.

The problem is that traditional office chairs self-labeled as “ergonomic” support the body in all the wrong places. And what happens? People work to find comfort, sit like crap, and end up tired, in pain, and sitting and standing in sloppy postures. Anthros is the first chair that adapts to you.


We care about the human body and preventing pain and poor posture. So we won’t use the word ergonomic, and we went as far as coining the term Anthronomics. Anthronomics is the understanding and application of biomechanics (science of movement), ergonomics (work law), and anthropometrics (human measurements) in the pursuit of optimal posture and support of the human body in the standing and sitting positions. And you may have guessed but anthro, or human, is at the center of the Anthronomics methodology.



Because we love humans we are committed to creating educational materials like e-books, blog posts, videos and more to address topics that people care about related to sitting well and being pain free. We even offer free access to our “reverse the negative effects of sitting” and “get out of back pain” online video series.

Giving back

The most exciting part of being on the Anthros team is our commitment to giving back. We all agree that with our success we want to give back through the Anthros Foundation. A percentage of every dollar earned will be given back to organizations that serve the global wheelchair community. Believe it or not, there are countless countries where adults and children don’t have access to the basic mobility equipment that would allow them to participate in fundamental daily living activities. We want to be a part of changing this sad reality and have a global impact. Our inaugural flagship event is an adaptive day at the lake named “At the Lake." Learn more about the At the Lake Event here.

By supporting Anthros and our mission, you are making the world a better place by providing for those who need it most.