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FSA Eligible Office Chairs


Use them or lose them!

If you still have funds in your FSA, time is running out to use them or they go back to your employer. Most people don’t know that ergonomic office chairs may be eligible for FSA funds. If you must sit for hours at a time every day, you may be suffering from various aches and pains that are impacting your work performance.

Anthros has created an office chair that adapts to you and supports the body in all the right places. This results in an effortless upright sitting posture that allows you to focus on work instead of your discomfort!

See how it works here

If you’re ready to fix your sit and not sure how to pay for it, consider using your FSA funds.

Of course, each plan is unique, and companies may dictate what they approve or not, but here’s what we know about what the IRS deems eligible:

Chair, Specialized or Orthopedic is specifically noted as HSA/FSA eligible with a letter of medical necessity (LMN) when the following conditions are met:


1 The Chair Must be Ergonomic




Back Rest/Angle Adjustment

being able to reposition the angles of the back rest to ensure optimal back support and the most comfortable position possible.

Adjustable Arm Supports

Proper arm support and positioning is important to prevent carpal tunnel and other stress syndromes. At the very least, they need to be height adjustable.

Swiveling Base

This refers to the ability to turn while seated to avoid awkward motions and reduce strain on the back.

Lumbar Support

This is indispensable to provide reinforcement for the lower back and correct posture. It is an added bonus if this section is independently adjustable to provide optimal positioning.

2 (According to the IRS) The ergonomic or specialized chair is needed to treat, mitigate, or prevent a medical condition. The following are examples of common conditions that could be helped by an Anthros chair:

Upper Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Upper Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Anthros is registered with the FDA as a posture improving device



What do you have to lose? Except your FSA funds 😉

Check with your FSA administrator and share the IRS eligibility criteria with them. Maximize the use of those funds to improve your posture, your focus, and your health with Anthros!


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