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My Anthros Chair: Transforming Posture, One Sit at a Time


The Arrival of the Anthros Chair

When the Anthros chair finally arrived at my doorstep, after waiting for almost a year, it was the best day ever. Its unique attention to detail and modern design immediately caught my eye, but I was more excited about the improved posture and reduced pain promises it held. Assembling it was surprisingly straightforward, and soon enough, I was ready to take my first seat in what would become my daily companion.

The Adjustment Period

Much like starting a new exercise routine, my initial days with the Anthros chair were met with some interesting feelings. I could feel my muscles, which had grown accustomed to slouching and poor posture over the years, protesting as I was finally sitting upright with Anthros. The industry's first 2-part adjustable back required some adjusting on the front end to find the perfect fit for my body. At times, it felt like I was stretching and using muscles I didn't even know existed.


Just as you might experience muscle soreness after a tough workout, my body was adapting to the newfound comfort and correct posture that this chair encouraged. The soreness was a reminder that change, even when it's for the better, can be a bit uncomfortable at first.

Tips and Tricks

These tips helped me adapt to my new and improved posture, as I was embarking on my first days with my Anthros chair.


Slow and steady wins the race: If you are like me, after sitting with poor posture for almost 40 years, it can take some time to undo those muscle imbalances and get motion back into your spine. Don’t force yourself into the BEST posture in the world. First, adjust the chair to where your body feels supported and find that sweet spot using the pelvis and upper back control knobs to adjust to your unique shape. I would make small adjustments throughout the day to find my comfort zone. Also, the tilt feature helped to relax my muscles when I was sitting for a long period of time. Over time, as your muscles and tendons adjust, you can gradually adjust the pads to move you into better posture. Remember, good posture doesn't happen in a day!


Stand Up and Stretch Every Hour: Standing up once every hour or so helped relax my muscles that weren’t used to being in such an aligned posture. This not only helps combat the sedentary nature of desk work but also relieves any muscle tension that may build up while sitting.


Shoulder Blade Squeezes: A few times a day, I would tilt back in my Anthros chair and gently squeeze my shoulder blades while extending over the upper back. Hold this position for a few seconds. Release and repeat several times. This would help me to open up my chest throughout the day and strengthen the upper back muscles that were weak to help further improve my posture.


Evaluate your workspace: The chair could help me with my posture, but it made me think about my monitor height, desk height, and mouse position. Did I need to adjust those as well? One thing I noticed is that my Anthros chair helped me to sit up taller, so I adjusted my monitor higher, so I wouldn’t be looking down at it with my new height. I also watched the videos in the How-To-Videos and learned that since my desk didn’t go low enough, I needed the free footrest that was provided to me. Adjusting my space to accommodate my new office chair was very important to the overall success of keeping my body aligned throughout the workday.


These tips and tricks helped me to adjust to my Anthros chair like when I got new foot orthotics for my tennis shoes. It took a few days to break them in using them for just a few hours a day until I could wear them all day. After adjusting to Anthros for a few days, I can now sit in a good posture for my full workday and leave my day full of energy compared to before.

If you have any questions while you are adapting to your Anthros chair. Feel free to book a free virtual appointment with one of the posture specialists from Anthros.


At Anthros, our commitment extends beyond just selling chairs; we're dedicated to assisting you with your office setup both before and after your purchase, regardless of whether you choose to buy from us or not.


Schedule a complimentary 1 on 1 video call with one of our on staff therapists to discuss:


  • Workplace setup recommendations
  • Setting up your Anthros chair
  • The unique features of the chair pre-purchase
  • How to improve your posture over time
  • And anything else that can help FIX YOUR SIT

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