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Anthros adds to the leadership team



Dave Veeneman

Vice President of Sales

We are thrilled to announce a significant addition to our team here at Anthros. It's with great pleasure that we introduce Dave Veeneman as our new Vice President of Sales. With his impressive background in the furniture industry and proven expertise in various roles, we're confident that Dave will bring a fresh perspective and valuable insights to our organization.

Dave's Experience in the Furniture Industry: With 18 years of professional experience in the furniture industry, Dave has honed his skills in a multitude of roles. Throughout his career, he's held leadership roles in product management, market launch, new product development, applications marketing, global supply chain strategy, accounting, and strategic retail partnerships.

Leadership in Seating Product Development and Launches:

Dave's experience includes working with major industry players in the office seating sector. He has spearheaded numerous seating product development projects, taking the lead in successful product launches. Through his expertise in product management and supply chain operations, Dave has established a powerful global product portfolio and devised innovative strategies for large-scale seating launches. Dave has also led partnership and business strategies to meet the unique needs of diverse stakeholders.

“When I was introduced to the Anthros story, the data supporting that story, and actually experienced the chair for the first time, I immediately knew Anthros had done something different. “

Dave Veeneman

Dave's Contributions to Anthros:

As we continue to grow and expand our reach, Dave's arrival couldn't be more timely. His vast expertise, diverse skill set, and hands-on experience make him an exciting addition to our leadership team. We believe that his deep understanding of the furniture industry, coupled with his ability to create meaningful partnerships, will propel our sales department to new heights.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Dave Veeneman as our new Vice President of Sales at Anthros. His wealth of experience and track record of success will undoubtedly prove invaluable in driving the growth and success of our organization. We wish Dave all the best in his new role and eagerly anticipate the positive impact he will make on our team. Together, we are poised to achieve new milestones and deliver unparalleled excellence in the furniture industry.


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