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Does Standing At Work Impact Your Productivity?


Did you know that there is evidence to suggest that standing while working at a desk may not always be the most effective way to increase productivity?

Standing desks have gained popularity in recent years as a new trend to promote better health and prevent the negative effects of prolonged sitting. But did you know that some studies have found that standing for long periods of time can have its own set of disadvantages.


Research on standing.

  • 1 One study published in the journal of Rehabilitation Nursing found that standing for long periods of time can lead to an increase in muscle fatigue and discomfort, which can affect productivity.1

  • 2 Another study published in the Obesity Reviews journal found that standing desks may not necessarily be more effective at reducing sedentary time or increasing physical activity compared to traditional desks.2

When standing you must be cognizant of your posture and can end up standing in a poor posture for long periods of time. Often, people start standing with good posture but eventually lean on something, resulting in poor posture. It’s important to stand and move around throughout the day but research suggests that standing for prolonged periods of time could be affecting your productivity.


Stand or Sit: Which is Better to Boost Productivity?

There is evidence to suggest that sitting with good posture can be more productive than standing. Maintaining a good posture while working is important for proper alignment of your body to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and other health issues.

Research on sitting

  • 1 One study published in the journal “Ergonomics” found that sitting with good posture was associated with higher levels of productivity and lower levels of discomfort compared to standing or sitting with poor posture.3

  • 2 Another study found that sitting with good posture was associated with higher levels of self-reported alertness and positive affect, which in turn was related to better cognitive performance. The study included 40 participants and the results conclude that good posture can have a positive impact on productivity.4

 Ideally, having an office chair that supports good posture can help improve focus and productivity.


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