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Leg pain from your office chair? Explaining the pain in the back of your legs.

  • October 18, 2023
  • Pain

Many of us have experienced that nagging pain in the back of our legs while sitting at our desks, but why does it occur in the first place? This discomfort is often associated with prolonged sitting, poor posture, and especially in poorly designed office chairs.

Here are some tangible reasons why you might be feeling this pain:


Poor Positioning of Legs in Sitting: Slouching or sitting with your legs crossed or spread for long periods can put unnecessary pressure on the back of your legs, leading to pain and discomfort. It is critical to have the feet well supported on the floor or a foot support with the legs parallel to the floor to prevent unwanted pressure on the legs.


Reduced Blood Flow: Remaining seated for extended periods with excessive pressure on your bottom can impede blood circulation in your legs. This can cause blood to pool in the lower extremities, leading to discomfort and even potential health issues like deep vein thrombosis.


Inadequate Chair Support: Standard ergonomic office chairs often lack the adjustments and human design necessary to support your pelvis and legs properly. This can lead to increased pain on the backs of your thighs and calves.

Anthros Chair: The Solution for Leg Comfort

Anthros supports the human body with its revolutionary design that prioritizes your comfort and well-being. We believe that everyone deserves a chair that not only supports their work but also supports their body in a positive way. Here's how the Anthros chair addresses the issue of leg discomfort.


Ergonomic Design: Our chair is meticulously designed to promote proper posture. The Anthros chair offers a contoured, pressure-relieving cushion to comfortably position your legs in sitting. This reduces the strain on the back of your legs and helps maintain good circulation. The chair also comes with a complimentary foot support to ensure the best support at any seat height.


Dynamic Seating: The Anthros chair feature dynamic seating options like rocking and/or tilting, which encourages subtle movement while you work. This movement helps prevent blood pooling and promotes circulation in your legs. Anthros also allows you to adjust your posture throughout the day with the 2-part independent back system.


Customizable Features: We understand that one size does not fit all. That's why the Anthros chair comes with customizable features like adjustable pelvis support and upper back support. You can personalize your chair to ensure it provides optimal hip and leg support for your unique body shape.


High-Quality Materials: Our chairs are constructed using top-quality materials that provide lasting comfort. From the supreme cushioning to the breathable and stretchy fabric, we prioritize both durability and your well-being.


Your Comfort Matters

Your comfort should never be compromised, especially during long hours at the office. Leg discomfort is a common issue faced by many, but it doesn't have to be a part of your daily routine.

Remember, investing in a one-of-a-kind office chair like Anthros not only enhances your comfort but also boosts your focus and overall quality of life. Say goodbye to those aches in the back of your legs and hello to a more comfortable and enjoyable workday.


If you are looking to improve posture and decrease pain while sitting, look no further than Anthros. Anthros is the only chair in the world that is guaranteed to improve posture or your money back. The science-backed, patented design is registered with the FDA as a posture-improving chair and is proven to have the lowest pressure (most comfortable) cushion on the planet (verified by university testing).


Take the next step to reducing pain, increasing comfort, and maximizing performance!

Leg Pain

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