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fabric of the future

Learn how Anthros’ Shapeknit Bouclé and Camira Port Leather Alternative fabrics raise the bar on luxury and comfort while also helping the environment.

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fabric #1

Gabriel Shapeknit Boucle

The innovative Shapeknit Bouclé fabric is a testament to cutting-edge textile technology and ergonomic design.

key features

Seamless Design

The unique 3D shaping process results
in a cover with no discernible seams or shaping details, offering a sleek, fluid appearance that stands apart from traditional cut-and-sew solutions.

Adaptive Stretchability

The multi-directional stretch properties allow the covers to conform perfectly to the unique geometry of the Anthros chair parts. It works in harmony with the chair's soft, high-density foam, adapting seamlessly to the contours of the user's body.

Ergonomically & Eco Built

Every fabric is knitted to the exact dimensions needed, eliminating waste from cutting and streamlining the production steps. The result is a highly ergonomic and luxurious chair that contributes positively to environmental conservation.

fabric #2

Camira Port Leather Alternative

This innovative material is another testament to Anthros' commitment to providing high-quality, eco-friendly options, catering especially to those seeking a vegan alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality, aesthetics, or comfort.

key features

Textural Elegance & Eco-Friendly

Port embodies the luxurious look and feel of traditional leather, enriched with modern durability and ease of maintenance. Its ‘easy-to-clean surface ensures that the chair maintains its pristine condition, even in high-use environments, making it both a beautiful and pragmatic addition to any space.

Adaptive Stretchability

Port is designed to allow for complete immersion into the seat surface. This stretchable quality ensures that the fabric conforms to the body's shape, enhancing the ergonomic benefits of the Anthros chair.

Luxury Meets Environment

Port is ideal for discerning individuals who prioritize environmental responsibility without sacrificing the quality and elegance of their seating solutions.

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