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Why Laptops Are The Biggest Contributors to Poor Posture and Neck Pain


Laptops are enemy #1 when it comes to preventing forward head posture or posture which can lead to neck pain while working.

Clinical Biomechanics found that forward head posture causes shortening of the muscular fibers around the articulation points of the atlantooccipitalis and overstretching of muscles around joints, possibly producing chronic neck pain. 1

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Here are the reasons why:

1Laptops are generally smaller and lighter than desktop computers, which can make them more portable and convenient to use. However, their smaller size can also make them more difficult to use comfortably for long periods of time.

2Your vision controls your posture and the smaller screens and keyboards than desktop computers, can make you look down. The small size of laptops can lead to poor posture, as people may lean forward or hunch over in order to see the screen or type on the keyboard.

3Laptops are often used in a variety of different locations and positions, such as on a couch or in bed. This can lead to poor posture, as people may not have a dedicated workspace with proper ergonomic equipment.

4Laptops are often used while sitting, which can contribute to poor posture and neck pain. Sitting in an office chair that doesn’t support your posture can lead to muscle fatigue and strain, particularly in the neck and upper back.

To help reduce the risk of poor posture and neck pain while using a laptop, it is recommended to use an external keyboard and mouse, and to use a laptop stand or other device to raise the screen to eye level. It is also important to take frequent breaks to stretch and move around, and to use a chair with pelvis support.

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  1. Burgess-Limerick, R., A. Plooy, and D. Ankrum. The effect of imposed and self-selected computer monitor height on posture and gaze angle. Clinical Biomechanics, 1998. 13(8): p.584-592.

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