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Is Your Office Chair's Role as Critical to Your Wellness as Your Mattress?


Today we're delving into an interesting and essentially uninvestigated question: Is your office chair's role as critical to your wellness as your mattress?" Why are mattresses considered an “investment”, and office chairs an “expense”? These questions are worth exploring. Given the significant amount of time we invest in both sleeping and sitting, one could argue that both activities should be subjects of our education and attention.

While the mattress industry has successfully framed its product as a worthy investment, the same cannot be said about office chairs. Why is that? Why is our investment in a quality mattress seen as crucial and the investment in an office chair as more inconsequential? Are the hours we spend sleeping more important than the hours we spend sitting? We are thoroughly convinced that the answer is an emphatic “no”. It’s time to shift the conversation regarding the importance of the way we sit and the chairs we use every day.

The Mattress vs. Office Chair

Before we discuss office chairs, let's acknowledge the achievements of the mattress industry. They have changed the narrative for us all, driving home the legitimate and tangible value of a quality mattress - and we have ALL benefited. They've successfully persuaded us to INVEST, convincing us that a good mattress is worth every penny. After all, quality sleep is essential for our physical, emotional, and mental health and greatly affects our overall feeling of wellness.

Why don’t the hours we spend sitting in our office chairs get the same attention? It’s interesting. We dedicate a huge portion of our day to sitting, yet we tend to overlook the impact it has on our health, much like the importance of regenerative sleep.


Consider that most of us spend a significant portion of our day at work, often seated in an office chair. It's a crucial part of our office space, the piece of furniture that supports us through hours of meetings, tasks, and projects. Isn’t it time we realized the profound impact it has on our daily lives?


Physical Wellness: A comfortable, ergonomic office chair isn't just an inconsequential luxury; it's a serious investment in your health. A quality chair provides support, giving you proper posture, reducing the risk of back pain, stiffness, and long-term spine issues. We may not realize how sitting well opens the chest, improving breathing and respirations. And sitting upright opens space for your digestive system which promotes good digestion. Taking the time to be mindful of your sitting habits and looking after your body is an investment with huge health benefits for today and the distant future.

Mental Wellness and Focus: Ever been restless at an event? We all know too well how an uncomfortable chair can lead to distraction and at times, unbearable discomfort. Without a doubt, this can disrupt your concentration and negatively impact your overall sense of well-being. On the other hand, a quality ergonomic chair can enhance focus, help you be more productive and create a much more pleasant work environment. When you’re happy at work, you are more productive, so It's really an investment in the quality of your work life.


The Value Perspective – Shifting The Conversation

When you view an office chair as an investment, it shifts the cost perspective. Instead of an expense, it becomes a smart allocation of resources. Think about it like this: if your chair supports your comfort and productivity, it can indirectly boost your earning potential and career growth. Isn't that a return on investment worth considering? Consider it an investment in your daily comfort, productivity, and future well-being.

The mattress industry has skillfully brought the crucial role of quality sleep to the forefront of our minds. Similarly, it’s imperative that we don't underestimate the impact of the extensive hours we spend seated.

Let's change the conversation and give office chairs the recognition they rightfully deserve.

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