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5 Signs that you have been sitting too long


As the world is moving faster than we can imagine it and technology is advancing daily, we become more sedentary, it's easy to find ourselves spending long hours sitting in front of a computer screen. While it may seem like a daily necessity, sitting for too long and unsupported in your office chair can have negative impacts on our health. But how do you know when you've been sitting for too long? Here are five signs your body is telling you to stand up:


Your back starts to ache

One of the tell-tale signs that you've been sitting for too long is a sore back. When you sit for extended periods, your back muscles become strained in a poor posture, leading to discomfort and pain.




Your neck feels stiff and sore.

Another common sign of sitting for too long is a sore neck. When you sit with poor posture, your neck muscles must work overtime to hold up your head, which can lead to stiffness and discomfort.


You experience eye strain

Staring at a computer screen for long periods and multiple online meetings in this new virtual world can also cause eye strain. Your eyes may become dry, itchy, or start to feel tired and strained.


Your legs feel restless.

Sitting for extended periods can make your leg muscles tight and restless. When you are uncomfortable, you could find yourself constantly shifting or fidgeting in your seat. The way that your office chair set can put pressure on your legs and bottom or take pressure off is a huge factor here. 

                                                                                      Office Chair Seat Pressure


More pressure                              Vs                                Less pressure

                                                                 *Study performed with rigid load indenter, human results may vary.


Your energy levels drop.

Sitting for too long causes your body’s metabolic rate to slow down which can also lead to a decrease in energy levels. When your body isn’t supported in the right places you fatigue from trying to hold your body up or sustaining your body in a poor posture, making you feel tired and sluggish. To combat this, take regular standing breaks and evaluate what you are sitting on during the workday. Your office chair could be helping you or holding you back!

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