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Why Thin Office Chair Cushions Are Causing Poor Posture

  • February 22, 2023

Did you know that your office chair cushion thickness could be contributing to your poor posture?

There are leading office chair designers that believe that “thin to win” is the best strategy when designing an office chair seat. This aesthetic-only feature is compromising your comfort by placing pressure on your bottom when you are sitting.

As you sit with a better upright posture, your sit bones will generally drive down into the seating surface more. This can increase the peak pressure on the seat surface and potentially cause discomfort, especially if the seat surface is not adequately supportive.


Thin Cushion (Mesh) = Red/Increased Pressure


Thick Cushion (Foam) = Blue/Decreased Pressure

If the seat surface is not comfortable, it can be difficult for a person to maintain good posture for an extended period of time, which can lead to fidgeting to relieve pressure and slouching. If you don’t have a pressure relieving cushion you will roll your pelvis rearward and end up in a poor posture. Research shows that pelvic deformation in a posterior tilt results in slump sitting in seated office workers.1


It is important to choose a seat surface that is both comfortable and supportive to help you maintain good posture. A seat surface that is too hard or too soft may not provide enough support to help you maintain good posture and may contribute to discomfort and poor posture.

Good posture is important for maintaining overall health and well-being. When you sit with good posture, your sit bones (ischial tuberosities) are properly aligned over the seat surface, which helps to distribute your body weight evenly and reduce the strain on muscles and joints.

If you are looking to find the office chair cushion to help your posture look not further than Anthros.

Anthros is the only chair in the world that is guaranteed to improve posture, or your money back. The science-backed, patented design, is registered with the FDA as a posture-improving chair and is proven to have the lowest pressure (most comfortable) cushion on the planet (verified by university testing).

Take the next step to reducing pain, increasing comfort and maximizing performance!



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